The Clearest Path to Success In Dentistry
What is the Roadmap to Dental Success?
The Roadmap to Dental Success is the ultimate "one-stop-shop" for Dental Education. Each of the courses included in this bundle have been hand curated to bring you the highest degree of success possible. Simply follow the courses and coaching provided, which serve as the road map to lead you directly to success.
Here's What You'll Learn
  • How to market your business online
  •  How to leverage persuasion to increase case acceptance
  •  How to save time and money in all things dentistry
  •  How to grow your practice quickly
  •  How to grow your team and hire the right people
  •  How to use strategic alliances to grow your practice & More!
Meet the Roadmap Contributors
Dr. Chris Phelps on the Roadmap to Dental Success
Dr. Anissa Holmes on the Roadmap to Dental Success
Sandy Pardue on the Roadmap to Dental Success
Michael Arias on the Roadmap to Dental Success
Samantha Leonard on the Roadmap to Dental Success
Here's Whats Inside The Roadmap
Learn How to Spice Up Your Practice - With Sandy Parude
As part of the road map you will get access to "Spice Up Your Practice" Spice Up Your Practice is a 1 1/2-day seminar held in either the charismatic city of New Orleans or our hometown of Baton Rouge. Both days’ activities take place from 9am – 4:30pm and include a variety of invigorating lectures from Sandy Pardue and Dr. Bob Westerman with special breakout sessions. At Spice Up Your Practice You Will:
  • Master productive scheduling methods
  •  Work more efficiently 
  •  Obtain easy-to-implement systems 
  •  Communicate more effectively with patients 
  •  Boost your production and collections 
  •  Increase patient referrals 
  •  Strengthen patient recall program 
  •  Become a better leader 
  •  Increase profits & More!
Access to Delivering WOW U - The #1 Online Dental Coaching Program With Dr. Anissa Holmes
Increase your PROFITS, build an INSPIRED TEAM, and create patients who are RAVING FANS with Delivering WOW U. The The #1 Online Dental Coaching Program With Dr. Anissa Holmes. As part of the Roadmap you'll get 4 months access to the U where you'll learn:
  • Training in Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Reviews and SEO and Facebook Messenger Bots 
  •  How to create a 12 Month Marketing Plan 
  •  How to create an In-House Dental Plan  
  •  How to set up Strategic Alliances 
  •  How to recruit and train a R-O-C-K-S-T-A-R Team 
  •  How to get your TEAM aligned to your vision 
  •  How to create consistent systems and KPI's 
  •  How to get your patients to say "YES"
  •  How to reverse engineer your production goals  
  •  How to create a practice that can run without you 
  •  and more!
Ground Marketing - With Michael Arias
With the Roadmap you'll receive 1 month of coaching with your or your team on ground marketing. Learn how to form strategic partnerships in your city, to increase your brand awareness, and bring in new patients.
How to be a Nifty Thrifty Dentist - With Dr. Glenn Vo
From Dr. Glenn Vo of Nifty Thrifty Dentists, you'll learn his inside secrets to keeping all things dental as nifty thrifty as possible. Learn techniques to save money on marketing, supplies, and more!
Learn the Science of Influence and Persuasion - With Dr. Chris Phelps
As part of the Roadmap you'll receive access to a new custom course presented by Dr. Chris Phelps. In this course you'll learn how to leverage the power of persuasion to grow your marketing for less, and increase case acceptance. 
The Recruitment Training Guide - With Samantha Leonard
Learn how to find and hire dental ROCKSTARS to your team! Get this training guide plus a free coaching session as part of the Roadmap!
Get all of this bundled together for the lowest price ever, with the Roadmap to Dental Success
What Others Are Saying
“Dr. Vo is the master in teaching us how to truly be a Nifty Thrifty Dentist. Wow! Just wow! What an amazing course put together! From where to look for a virtual assistant to saving money on supplies to marketing, Dr. Vo has outdone himself this time. He truly takes it a notch above to teach us all how to succeed.I know I will referring back to this course multiple times.”
- Dr. Meghan Dassani |  Houston, TX
How to be a Nifty Thrifty Dentist is a course like none other I have ever seen. It highlights actionable street-smart ways to run your office and market your practice. Dental podcaster and money-saving expert, Dr. Glenn Vo is exploding onto the scene of dental business leadership. Don’t miss this course!
- Dr. Helen Harless | Boise, ID

To put it simply, Glenn really knows his stuff. He can help anybody think beyond where they are to manage their money and resources in a forward thinking way. Everything that he has suggested or helped me with has come back and help me grow as a person and in my practice. I would highly recommend his course and The Roadmap for Dental Success.

- Dr. Shakila Angaldi | Easton, PA 
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Inside You'll Get
  • Sandy Pardue's Spice Up Your Practice - $1295
  • Michael Arias' Ground Marketing Coaching - $1000
  • Persuasion Training with  Dr. Christopher Phelps - $2000
  • Samantha Leonard Recruitment Training Guide - $600
  • Delivering WOW U (4 Month Access) - $600
  • How to be a Nifty Thrifty Dentist - $600
Total Value $6095
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